Uniformity of Commercial Photography Product Images

One important detail that helps create a slicker looking website is uniformity – often clients will have an extensive range of products to be photographed and sold online. These in turn will often appear as multiple product images on the same page.  For this reason, it is very important to have all product images or pack shots treated in exactly the same way.

Standing to attention – grabbing attention

A good example of this is work done for local Oxfordshire company Motoring Classics for whom we photographed a range of their classic car products. The image above shows part of their range of classic wiper blades, all following the exact same alignment and post production treatment – all looking very neat and tidy.  The careful shooting of these products at a uniform angle creates a slick and professional look – another reason to use a professional such as Phoduct!

With this example, notice also the very slight suggestion of a drop shadow, put below each of the products, another neat trick that gives a little depth and adds to the “reality” of each product image.

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