Long time no Blog & time for another offer

Goodness how time flies – over two years without a single blog about what has been happening in the world of Commercial and Product Photography here in Oxfordshire?

We’ve been very busy photographing clients products, editing images, doing what we do..

So – time now for a special offer, or giveaway… We would like to offer our professional commercial photography services “free of charge” to a company with a strong environmental slant.

Up to 10 images, shot, edited and ready to go at no charge at all – the catch? Well there is none, other than that the products must offer an environmental advantage & be sustainably produced in the UK.

First come, first served – get in touch via info@phoduct.co.uk

Why are we doing this? Our business is pretty central with the commercialised world, the business of selling products, consumerism, call it what you will. We have a preference for products that don’t cost the earth (in ecological rather than financial terms) and also it’s good to make contact with potential new clients.

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