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Another Commercial Photography Offer

We love offering our professional commercial photography services to worthy causes. All too often fledgling businesses will opt to use amateur photography, for fear that the costs of using a professional product photographer will be too much…

Our Product and packshot photography is surprisingly affordable, whether it be for a one off shot or a greater quantity of photography. You needn’t even be local to Oxford, or in Oxfordshire, or for that matter the UK – simply call or email us to get a quote, then courier items to us for photography.

Anyhow – back to the offer of free photography. This time we are looking to hear from a business with a product aimed at benefiting those with Dementia or Alzheimer’s – something close to our hearts. We are offering a single photoshoot with up to 10 fully edited shots, ready to use of your Dementia benefiting product. Simply get in touch and as with all our free product photography offers, it is on a first come, first served basis.

Long time no Blog & time for another offer

Goodness how time flies – over two years without a single blog about what has been happening in the world of Commercial and Product Photography here in Oxfordshire?

We’ve been very busy photographing clients products, editing images, doing what we do..

So – time now for a special offer, or giveaway… We would like to offer our professional commercial photography services “free of charge” to a company with a strong environmental slant.

Up to 10 images, shot, edited and ready to go at no charge at all – the catch? Well there is none, other than that the products must offer an environmental advantage & be sustainably produced in the UK.

First come, first served – get in touch via info@phoduct.co.uk

Why are we doing this? Our business is pretty central with the commercialised world, the business of selling products, consumerism, call it what you will. We have a preference for products that don’t cost the earth (in ecological rather than financial terms) and also it’s good to make contact with potential new clients.

Product Photography for Oxford’s Technology sector

On a recent overseas trip, I was reminded of a fun job we did a while ago for Oxfordshire based Cobalt Light Systems. Cobalt are at the cutting edge of airport security scanning systems, with machines that can analyse the contents of bottles and other containers, without the need for them even being open – or in scientific terms “non-invasive through barrier chemical analysis”.

Whilst passing security, I spotted one of cobalt’s units in action – the photographic work we undertook for Cobalt was rather fun – in producing product images for use on the machine’s user display – all sorts of different types of containers for drinks, foodstuffs etc.

Spot the difference..

Cobalt wanted images that were instantly recognisable to the user, in any language but they were wary of copyright and trademark infringement – so we set about doctoring images of well know brand products in photoshop. Photoshopping images is a large part of the work we do, both in terms of optimising product photography and also longevity of product images – we recently photographed a large selection of Rothschild wines for Waddesdon’s online gift shop and provided product images of wine bottles both with and without (edited) vintage years on the wine labels.

This level of Photoshop proficiency can be very useful when product images are required but the product itself is at a prototype stage, with some details yet to be configured – but you need to have someone that is good at it, as there is nothing worse than an image that is obviously Photoshopped!

Commercial Photographer Oxford & Beyond

It is always good to see our commercial photography working well for Oxfordshire and nearby businesses. Perhaps the most commercial of photography jobs undertaken in recent memory being for Box Technologies.

Box technologies are the masters of providing point of sale of equipment to the retail sector – essentially the hub of retail commercial activity. We have done numerous photo shoots on location at Box Technologies Thame HQ allowing prospective customers to see their POS units at all angles. Recent work included product photography for their entire range of point of sale equipment, displays and peripherals.

The pictured image shows the reverse one of a new range of integrated sales tablets that feature a built in and removable chip & pin machine – no more waiting in a queue, as sales assistants can process a sale on the shop floor!

Art & Antiques – Collections & Insurance Photography

In a previous life, I worked for many years as a Fine Arts valuer for a leading provincial auction house. Now as a commercial photographer in Oxfordshire and surrounding counties, I am able to provide a very useful service for clients when it comes to documenting collections of Fine Art & Antiques, be it furniture, paintings, ceramics, jewellery, silver, glass & objet vertu. Quality, detailed, high resolution photography for insurance purposes is a must for those with high value collections.

The benefits of having a detailed photographic record of insured possessions is clear, as should the worst happen, clear images can assist both with obtaining accurate current market valuations and can also assist in possible future recovery of lost or stolen items.

Client discretion is assured and years of experience handling fine arts brings the comfort that your items are in safe hands. Collections of antiques (or just selected items) can be photographed either at our Oxfordshire studio, or for ease at your location at a very affordable rate. Can you afford not to have a decent photographic record of your treasured possessions?

Commercial Photography in Oxford, Oxfordshire & Everywhere…

Our Google tagline isĀ “Commercial Photographer – packshot & product photography in Oxford, Oxfordshire and everywhere”.

It is just worth explaining that although we are based in Oxfordshire and indeed many of our clients are Oxford or Oxfordshire based – a whole lot of our other clients are elsewhere in the country.. neighbouring Gloucestershire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and a lot further away too.

Some of our clients in fact, we have never even met face to face! Couriering items to us for product photography is a very straight forward process and proofing of product shots can very easily be done online. So, if you are not geographically nearby, we are still very happy to provide our services!

Walcot House – Product shots

Some time ago, we blogged about the pitfalls of businesses trying to do DIY product images and packshots – together with the benefits of getting it right first time by using a professional. That blog post prompted contact from Walcot House Ltd, who were in just that situation. With a rapidly expanding range of high quality products and moving towards retailing these products online, we were asked to fulfill their product imaging needs.

Ditch the DIY lightbox!

Walcot House’s products come in a vast array of surface finishes, some of which were very challenging to capture and would certainly have been beyond the reach of the DIY photographer. The resulting work, now in use on Walcot House’s excellent website is very pleasing and hopefully working well in driving sales.

Walcot House Curtain Tie Back